Time gone 

People’s change
Life goes on
Memories remain
But, the feeling
Never fades away
Although they’re
 miles apart,
But their  hearts
 still beat
Still ache
Still burning
With the fire of love … 

Endlessly …

It has been said by many that a true love story has no happy ending simply

because the truest of loves never ends.
It is immortal.
This is the kind of love that lives forever in your heart
as a feeling you will always feel,
a place you can always return to.

​”A tiny drop of black ink” 


My Favorite fantasies turned into my dark secrets. My favorite people became those I wanna hide from. Those which have given me my ugliest scars. I look at them and it makes me question if they are the same or if the universe has flip changed for me because anyone who I love ends me up hating them and myself too. People change and their love disappears as though time is the only thing that matters and as though people are hallways of museums, only meant to be strolled in and to be visited. It has hit me once and the prevalent hurt seems to have seeped deep in my bones like a poisonous chemical which is continuously cracking them down to keep me away from trusting anyone anymore. It has killed all the blooming flowers of love from my heart and fetched away the glorious memoir of pleasant moments…

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